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Welcome to the world of Girl's & Boy's Basketball & Beyond! A world where our expert coaches will teach your girlls and boys fundamental basketball skills, nutrition knowledge and about women’s history! In a safe, friendly, fun and top educational environment, your girl's will become better basketball players, better at making healthy food choices, more educated about the important roles women have played, and continue to play in our society. Our camps and clinics are structured like no other! Through exploring a variety of weekly themes, both on the court, and off the court, both girls and boys will improve their self-esteem, knowledge, and love for the game of basketball. First, on the court- your girls’ minds will be strengthen by participating in interactive engaging basketball skill building drills, learning the fundamentals of the game of basketball, some of which include age specific agility, shooting, dribbling, eye hand coordination, speed spots. Second, off the court, in real classrooms, your girls and boys will be taught by our Professors basic nutrition  instruction, as well as, basic women’s history. At Girl's & Boy's Basketball & Beyond, your girls and boys will not only become well-rounded basketball players, they will also benefit by learning how to become better educated students. Our innovation programs go well beyond the scope of a typical basketball camp or clinic, so we look forward to the opportunity for your girls & boys to join our world of basketball and beyond…

Coach Frazier

So, here’s my story, for as long as I can remember, I dreamed of being a professional women’s basketball player. I grow up watching Dr. J of the Philadelphia 76er’s, Michael Jordan of the Chicago Bulls, Charles Barkley and so many other NBA players. During my time, my only option was to play in other countries. I got offered a few Division One Basketball scholarships, but I chose to attend a more academically focused university-New York University.

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