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Coach Frazier

So, here’s my story, for as long as I can remember, I dreamed of being a professional women’s basketball player. I grow up watching Dr. J of the Philadelphia 76er’s, Michael Jordan of the Chicago Bulls, Charles Barkley and so many other NBA players. During my time, my only option was to play in other countries. I got offered a few Division One Basketball scholarships, but I chose to attend a more academically focused university-New York University.

Around the time I was graduating the WNBA was forming, I received several offers to play in the WNBA, but I turned them down because I had just invested in opening up my own health club.

I have been involved in sports, fitness and nutrition my entire life. Leader for youth programs. The following are some of my proudest accomplishments and certifications:

Former Owner-Two Health Clubs

Olympic Trial Participate-Track & Field

Melrose Games Track & Field Participate

ACE (American Council on Exercise Personal Training Certification)

ACE (American Council on Exercise Nutrition and Weight Loss Management Certification)

Former Celebrity Trainer

Sports Specific Coach

Fitness Expert Consultant-Parents of STEM students at New York University

Martial Arts Instructor

Boxing Coach

Former YMCA Basketball Coach

Active Women’s Rights Challenges

Upon the birth of my daughter, I sold my business, and decided to pursue a career in the
education field. After obtaining my Master Degree in Education, with a specialization in
English as a Second Language, now finishing up my PhD in Educational Leadership,
Policy and Change. Also, working on an MPH (Master’s Degree in Public Health). I am
a Professor at New York University and (SUNY) State University of New York. WAC
Tutor (Writer’s Across the Curriculum Tutor).


My main objective now is to combine my years of fitness knowledge with my teaching,
and academic knowledge to bring innovation into girls’ basketball camps, programs and
clinics. As coaches, I intend to help each girl focus on building and passing on
her own legacy!

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