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Professor: Frazier

“Early studies (12) indicated that while American boys who play sports
enjoy high school status from their peers, female athletes are judged to
be of lower social status, especially if they play masculine sports.
Furthermore, girls who play sports during adolescence are also subject
to direct, derogatory comments about their athleticism (12). In a recent
study (14), it was found that about three-fourths of the girls in their
sample reported discouraging comments regarding their ability in
sports.” (Senne, A. J. 2016, p. 1).

        For quite some time, girl’s and women were not given equal opportunities to participate in sports. In 1972, the United States Congress enacted Title IX, which stated, among other things, that women had a right to join their school’s sports team. Furthermore, Title IX included equal access to education for all. Despite the many advancements in women’s right to participate in sports, girl’s and women are still perceived as intruding on male boundaries when they engage in sports or most sporting activities. As of today, the sport’s arena is still viewed as masculine entity.

        The main goal of our educational component is to give girl’s the necessary tools they need to improve their own self-awareness, self-esteem, confidence, pride, boost a positive body image, and to not only be physically strong on the basketball court, but mentally strong off the court, and in their lives!

        In age appropriate, themed fun topics, interactive and engaging ways, your girl’s will be educated about different areas of women’s education and history. Our college professor’s will conduct brief classroom style lessons and lectures to empower your girl’s to obtain knowledge, which will stay with them-beyond the basketball court!


Senne, A. J. (2016, February). Examination of gender equity and female participation in sport. Contemporary Sport Issues, Sports Studies and Sports Psychology. The Sports Journal. Retrieved from gender-equity- and-female-participation-in- sport/

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