Frequently asked questions

Art Classes

Why should I learn more about art?

Personally, creating art has been a life saving theraputic exercise that allows me to spend some time with myself, for myself. You cannot underestimate the value of doing something because you want to. As I work with adults, I notice more often that they have internalized the stress in their lives. their ability to loosen up, try new things, and trust themselves in a new situation is lacking. We all like to stick to what is comfortable! Art allows us to loosen up in a safe environment - there are no wrong answers! - and discover the less stressful side of ourselves.

Why should adults take art class?

I have worked with kids and adults for decades. Since focussing on art education in adults, I have noticed a very specific trend, that they assume art making is for children. Art classes allow us to tap into our inner child and explore some things within ourselves through play. Instead of living through our children's extra -curriculars, we should do something for ourselves.

Does Creativity and Art really help mental health?

There has been many studies over the last decade showcasing how making and creating can help mental health. Although Caitlyn and Lisa are not formally trained in Art Therapy, they have gained many skills over their time making and teaching art to help folks who need a creative outlet. We invite you to take a quiet hour in our studio, freely make, chat, and relax. It's amazing what a little bit of you time and creating can do.

Is Creativity Matters a "Safe Space"

Yes. So much so, Lisa actually made a Safer Space program, including 6 modules, when she worked as the Executive Director of UR Pride, Centre for Sexuality and Gender Diversity. She is also SafeTalk and ASSIST trained. and Caitlyn and Lisa both have a broad knowledge of diversity and inclusivity. Caitlyn and Lisa hope to provide a space completely free of judgement. A space that is open and safe for you to be you, so you explore whatever art topics interests you.


What Do I Need to Provide You?

We will bring all of the supplies we need, including everything to protect your home while we are there. Please let us know if there would be any unexpected needs such as scaffolding because of the location of the mural.

Business Packages

Is there a size limit for murals in the business packages?

Yes. The business packages have a specific size limit that will vary slightly on the complexity of your design. If any additional charges will apply, we will discuss it clearly with you as we are planning the design, providing you with a final quote before moving forward.

What does strategic planning do?

Strategic planning allows you to strongly identify your direction, goals and target audience. This allow you to find the best angle for your business, and BONUS! provides you with a really great perspective on what you are putting together. This allows you, and us, (and others along the way) to move forward with your goals and direction in mind, creating a cohesive whole.

Does the website come with extra charges?

It doesn't have to! We create our sites through Wix which allows you to take control of your own website. We provide basic training for you so you know how it works, but for a fee we can provide additional support for your training or upkeep of the site. Website hosting is not included in the business package. Wix has multiple payment options including free.