Frequently asked questions

Why is it so important to enroll your child in an all girls and boys basketball camp?

According to research, it is likely that girls & boys may respond better to female coaches because they see them as positive role models.

Did you know? Women play with a smaller ball then men?

Yes, it is true; the Women’s Basketball Association (WNBA) and Women’s College
Basketball teams play with a smaller size ball than men. Studies show that since girls
and women tend to have smaller hands then men, then it is very necessary to learn how to play with a women’s size basketball. Most mixed camps only use men’s basketballs.

Girls tend to be shyer and intimated to learn how to play basketball with boys.
While playing together, girls can have a unique opportunity to bond with other girls.
Girls develop more positive self-esteem, and tend to be less judgmental of each other,
when in the presence of other female players. Girls cheer each other on, and tend to offer more support to one another
Studies show that Girl’s tend to be less body conscious while play with other girls